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The Cherub Inn is no longer open for business. Try the accommodations at Corkscrew Inn Vancouver B&B .

A Message from the Cherub Inn

If you are travelling to Vancouver’s Kitsilano area for a visit, we recommend the luxury Vancouver Bed & Breakfast accommodations at:
Corkscrew Inn Vancouver Bed and Breakfast
located in Kitsilano close to the Cherub Inn. The Innkeepers at the Corkscrew Inn Vancouver B&B (Wayne Meadows & Karen Craig) are doing a wonderful job in providing a very comfortable ambiance for their guests.

Dear past guests,
We have sold our property and will be moving. Thank you ever so much for your business. This is just a short note to let you know that the cherubs are retired. It’s been a wonderful ride since 1997.
Blessings to all, The Cherubs

Vancouver Bed and Breakfast Inn
Corkscrew Inn Vancouver Bed and Breakfast


The Corkscrew Inn B&B - Five Star luxury Vancouver Bed and Breakfast Accommodations 


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